Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips for Humorous Speech from Past District Champion

24th September 2011 @ Taylor's University Lakeside campus, I had the opportunity to witness and partake in the Division B (Term 2011/12) Humorous Speech Contest. The contest presented a truly impressive lineup of speakers, who were hilarious, dynamic and motivating.

After the conclusion of the humorous speech contest, there was a special event featuring Stephen Fernando, a four-time Humorous Speech Champion of Toastmasters District 51. In 2004, Stephen Fernando, was placed second in the international, Inter-district Toastmasters Speech Contest that was held in Reno, USA. Stephen shares the secrets to using humour and how it can be incorporated into our speeches and contest.

Special Feature: "Tips from Past District Champion" by Stephen Fernando

(video posted with permission of the speaker)

Featured Speech: "Innocent Miscommunication" by Stephen Fernando

Reference Speech: "I am a COWARD !!!" by Stephen Fernando

(video posted with permission of the speaker)

Enjoy !!

Update #1, 31 October 2011: 'Reference Speech' added and changed published date of 2011-09-27 to 2011-10-31.

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