Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Travel

Today we have our fellow club member and speaker (refer to 'Thumb Driving') from Phoenix Toastmasters Club again sharing his 3rd Competent Communicator speech project, Organize Your Speech.

In this particular speech you'll get to witness the speaker's creative mind as he share about what he will do if he had a time machine. The speaker continues to use his gift of humor to tickle the funny bones of the audience, as well as continuously keep us engaged by relating the speech to the audience and asking questions.

20110613 Phoenix Toastmasters: Time Travel

(video posted with the Speaker's permission)

Observations / Suggestions for Improvement

  • The natural / comfortable position of this speaker's hands are 'clamps' position and the pacing of the speaker can be a bit distracting. It is recommended for speakers to keep their hands to the sides so that it can be easily deployed for purposeful gestures. 
  • In any case, these skills / requirements will only be needed and be the focus of the Competent Communicator project #5: Your Body Speaks.

This speaker has great potential and just wait till you see his forth project. :-)

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