Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Coffins At A Funeral

During an advanced Toastmasters meeting in the month of October, I had the pleasure to witness a friend attempt on the ‘Storytelling’ advanced manual project #3: ‘The Moral of the Story’. She is an established speaker, consultant and trainer in her field. She has been and still is a great supporter of the Toastmasters movement within her club, the division, and the district.

In her attempt of this project she had woven humour into it and her approach to this project was most interesting. In the Notes to the Evaluator, ‘The speaker had two options for this project: Create and tell an original story with a lesson or take a lesson from another story and create a new story to go with it. The story was to be entertaining and have a surprise twist to the ending …’.

The speaker did a combination of the two; as in she used an original story AND created one of her own. That sparked a bit of a discussion during the evaluation session but nonetheless the outcome was both surprising and entertaining.

20111018 Two Coffins At A Funeral

(video posted with permission of the speaker)

Enjoy !

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