Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Farewell for Mr. Danny

The Special Occasions Speeches advanced manual is one of the most enjoyable manuals in my opinion. It encourages you to recall and remember the pleasant pleasures and passions of individuals and/or events in our lives.

In the following speech, you will see how one of my fellow Toastmaster from Phoenix Toastmasters club attempts project #2: Speaking in Praise speech. The speaker had arrange for a club member to assume the role of 'Mr. Danny' (seated on the right side of the speaker) who is to imagine that he is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

20110711 Phoenix Toastmasters: Farewell for Mr. Danny

(video posted with permission of the speaker)

Observations / Suggestions for Improvement

  • The approach of having a member of the audience to play to role of the recipient of the praises (Mr Danny) was good. This allowed the audience to imagine & share their attention between the speaker and the recipient (Mr. Danny) - to observe if the words of praises invokes any response or reaction between prior and latter. This can indicate if the praises were well prepared and received.
  • The above approach can be a double-edge sword as well, because if the recipient is among the audience and sufficient amount of eye-contact is not directed towards the recipient, it may appear that the speaker may be speaking about a person who is not among the living.

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