Sunday, June 17, 2012

Global Crisis, and Regional Social, Political & Economic Development

As I continue to progress and development my project management career & knowledge, I personally understood and believe in the importance of Communication Management, more specially towards Stakeholders Management (it is one of the progress groups in the PMBOK after all). However the recent first MSCPMP Half Yearly organized by MSCPMP Circle was a real eye opener.

In project management we often take care of our project (internal / direct) stakeholders, however how many of us take the extra steps to identify and understand the external stakeholders that also affects our projects. A lot of us including myself often declares "I don't care about politics ..." or "I hate politics ... I just wish to deliver my project(s)", however, politics does have a direct and/or indirect effect to the projects.

This session below shares with us the importance of seeing the 'much bigger picture' that has a direct or indirect effect to our projects.

MSCPMP: Global Crisis, and Regional Social, Political and Economic Development by Dr. Oh Ei Sun

As I sat through this session, I took a few glances around the room of more than 300 plus project managers; there were those who were engrossed towards what Dr. Oh sharing, and there were some decided to catch up on some much needed rest. Now the topic itself can be interesting or it can be not-so interesting as it depends on what you are looking for. For me, as I mentioned it was an eye opener and as I wish to continue to increase my exposure, it look for to more talks like these.


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