Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monday Blue

Monday Blues is the lethargic and lack of motivation mood that one feels on a Monday, especially when one has to return to work after a restful weekend.

This speaker shares about what 'Monday Blues' mean to him and this is also a presentation during a humorous speech contest (reference to contest criteria here).

Speech Title: Monday Blues

The speaker attempted to establish a baseline by asking how many in the audience knows about ‘Monday Blues’. To his surprised, not many in the audience responded positively to his question. In any case, he continues his presentation about the different types of ‘Days’ people experiences.

With the classic storytelling opening, ‘Long long time ago’, he continues his story about a dark event that occurred on a ‘Friday’ and the date so happen to be a thirteen (13) which he shared that Westerns will call it a ‘Black Friday’. This is somewhat opposite to how people will feel about a Friday as it is typically the last day of a working week - happy. Fortunately there is a restaurant that will serve you whether you’re feeling dark or happy and that is “Thank God It’s Friday” or commonly known as TGIF.

His presentation proceeds to talk about Wednesday. In Malaysia, usually on Wednesday the local cinemas will have weekly promotion and movie tickets will be at a discounted rate. He continues to elaborate that on Wednesday the ladies will be given extra benefits when they frequent bars and clubs because of ‘Ladies Night’

‘Saturdays’, what can one say about ‘Saturdays’? He shares that ‘Saturdays’ can be refer to as ‘Green Saturdays’ because certain the states in Malaysia encourage traders, hypermarkets and shops not to provide plastic bags, and for shoppers to bring their own recycle bags.
Next he brings his story back to ‘Mondays’. He wonders why it is called ‘Monday Blue’, and start to analyze and discuss the different possibilities on why it’s called ‘Monday Blue’.

At the conclusion of this speaker’s presentation, he presents his overall case on why people call Mondays, ‘Monday Blue’. He stresses that whatever a day is called, it is still our respective choice on how we should feel and act – and that choice should be a positive one.

Strengths of the speaker
  • The speaker uses questions and anecdotes to attempt to connect to the audience. When successful, it will help the audience to understand the message the speaker is attempting to deliver.
  • The speaker does have purposeful body movements to express the mood his is trying to portray, for example when he stated ‘Strong’, he stood firm with his chest out.

Some suggestion for improvement
  • The speaker tends have quite a number of ‘pause fillers’ in his delivery. ‘Pause Fillers’ are words such as ‘er’, ‘ah’, ‘em’ ‘lah’ - words that does not add any value to the speech but rather may distractions. It is recommended to use a silent pause if one needs to think of what to say next.
  • The speaker tends to apologizes when he does not get the reaction he expects. A speaker should not need to feel the need to apologize but rather continue to be confident in the material he is delivering and complete the delivery as smooth as possible. After the speech, one can analyze to see how one can improve in the future.
Generally the speaker has a lot of potential, and with his animated and humorous skills will allow him to deliver his messages in a fun and easy going manner that will be easily remembers by the audience. I enjoyed this presentation fully.

How about you? What do you think are the strengths of the speaker, and suggestions you will give to the speaker? Please feel free to comment below

Disclaimer: The observations above about the strengths and suggestions are the personal opinion of the writer and does not constitute as to what is the right (or wrong) way of presenting a speech or the project intended. The purpose for these observations are for us to be self-aware of our styles, and how we can bring our presentation skills to the next level.

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