Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Teaching Experience

The teaching profession is an honorable, noble and worthy profession. Here is a Toastmaster that shared about her first bout in teaching.

Speech Title: My Teaching Experience

She started by engaging the audience and asked a question of how many wanted to be a teacher when they were young. The audience just responded with giggles and laughter - I suppose teaching was not for most of them but she had some positive responses. She continue to share her about her strong desire to be a teacher during her primary school.

After completing her high school, she had the opportunity to be a temporary teacher in her previous primary school. Initially she felt it was a bit weird because now her former teachers are now her follow colleague. The best was yet to come because her former teachers who had previously punished her before had their kids in her class.

Her first assignment was teaching studies from primary one to primary three. She had initially assumed that it would had been as easy as A-B-C but unfortunately a fear came about - the fear of public speaking and presentation. Time was passing so slowly that she was not sure what to do, then an idea came about - she asked the students to introduce themselves one by one. She discovered that this was one of the favour tactics of teach to pass the time.

She was given tips by her colleagues, and one of the tips was that she needed to put up a fierce front in front of the kids or the latter will ‘run’ all over her. Unfortunately she did not heed her colleagues’ advice and paid the price. She had to regain control and she explained that she brought a cane to class - but that too did not last.

She continues to share the challenges she faced within and out of the classroom. All was not lost, she soon developed her own ways of disciplining the kids. She gave an example of a student who was fond of making excuses to escape certain classes. Finally an opportunity came when she was able to outwit that student.

She concludes the speech that not every teaching experience she encounter was of mess and chaos. There are moments and times when the students truly appreciate and thank her for her efforts. The kids made her feel like a super star.

Strengths of the speaker
  • This speaker makes very good use of vocal variety to spice up her speech. She uses varying rate and tone to stress her points accordingly.
  • She also uses hands gestures appropriately to illustrate the action she is verbally describing and she is quite animated.

Some suggestion for improvement
  • I personally felt the conclusion was a bit short and abrupt. Perhaps she can recap on the importance of teachers towards the growth of the children and whether she will do it again.

I enjoyed this presentation very much and had a good laugh. I believe this speaker has a good storytelling skill which she spices up with humour, animated gesture and vocal variety. The message also was an important one for us all to appreciate and understand the teachers that taught us before.

How about you? What do you think are the strengths of the speaker, and suggestions you will give to the speaker? Please feel free to comment below

Disclaimer: The observations above about the strengths and suggestions are the personal opinion of the writer and does not constitute as to what is the right (or wrong) way of presenting a speech or the project intended. The purpose for these observations are for us to be self-aware of our styles, and how we can bring our presentation skills to the next level.

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